Create Your paddle

Here You can order  Paddle Set including paddle blade, shaft and top grip or just parts of the Paddle You need.

Don´t forget to let us know what shaft lenght You want if You want us to make this adjustment in our farctory.

NOTE: Once you choose to cut shaft to your prefered lenght, it cannot be returned. Please make sure to enter correct size.

Blade Type:
No Blade
No Blade0 0.000
Wide Carbon
Wide Carbon206 206.000
Wide Extreme
Wide Extreme250 250.000
Martikan Carbon
Martikan Carbon206 206.000
Martikan Extreme
Martikan Extreme250 250.000
Lady Junior Carbon
Lady Junior Carbon206 206.000
Lady Junior Extreme
Lady Junior Extreme 250.000
Lady Wide Carbon
Lady Wide Carbon206 206.000
Lady Wide Extreme
Lady Wide Extreme250 250.000
Paddle Shafts:
No Shaft
No Shaft 0.000
Martikan White
Martikan White 95.000
Martikan Carbon
Martikan Carbon 95.000
Standard White
Standard White 95.000
Standard Carbon
Standard Carbon 95.000
Shaft Lenght in cm +/- 0,5 accuracy:
Top Grips:
No Top Grip
No Top Grip 0
Top Grip Carbon 30x100
Top Grip Carbon 30x100 38.000
Top Grip Carbon 36x120
Top Grip Carbon 36x120 38.000
Top Grip Carbon 40x100
Top Grip Carbon 40x100 38.000
Top Grip Wood 30 mm
Top Grip Wood 30 mm 18.000
Top Grip Wood 36 mm
Top Grip Wood 36 mm 18.000
Top Grip Wood 40 mm
Top Grip Wood 40 mm 18.000
Warranty: 24 mesiacov
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