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C1 Slalom Paddle SWITCH L

Price shows after selection NEW MODEL

Here You can order  Paddle Set including paddle blade, shaft and top grip or just parts of the Paddle You need.

Don´t forget to let us know what shaft lenght You need if You want us to make this adjustment in our farctory. +/- 0,5 cm accuracy.


For more information please check description bellow 

You can order the paddle even if a blade is out of stock. All blades are continuously produced. You will be informed about the estimated delivery time. Or use the "Need advice" item below first.

SWITCH size S and M coming soon!


Blade Type:
No Blade
No Blade 0.000
SWITCH Xtremeout of stock 330.000
SWITCH Carbonout of stock 272.400
Paddle Shafts:
No Shaft
No Shaft 0.000
Martikan White Ø24
Martikan White Ø245 150.000
Martikan Carbon Ø24
Martikan Carbon Ø245 126.000
Standard White Ø22
Standard White Ø225 150.000
Standard Carbon Ø22
Standard Carbon Ø225 126.000
Paddle Length in cm +/- 0,5 accuracy:
Top Grips:
No Top Grip
No Top Grip 0.000
Carbon 38x100 /Standard shaft/
Carbon 38x100 /Standard shaft/out of stock 48.000
Carbon 38x100 /Martikan shaft/
Carbon 38x100 /Martikan shaft/out of stock 48.000
Carbon 38x120 /Martikan shaft/
Carbon 38x120 /Martikan shaft/out of stock 48.000
Carbon 45x100 /Martikan shaft/
Carbon 45x100 /Martikan shaft/out of stock 48.000
Wood 30x120 mm /Standard shaft only/
Wood 30x120 mm /Standard shaft only/2 26.400
Wood 34x120 mm /Standard shaft/
Wood 34x120 mm /Standard shaft/7 26.400
Wood 34x120 mm /Martikan shaft/
Wood 34x120 mm /Martikan shaft/10 26.400
Wood 36x120 mm /Standard shaft/
Wood 36x120 mm /Standard shaft/5 26.400
Wood 36x120 mm /Martikan shaft/
Wood 36x120 mm /Martikan shaft/9 26.400
Wood 40x120 mm /Martikan shaft/
Wood 40x120 mm /Martikan shaft/1 26.400
Top Grip Install. Option:
Warranty: 24 mesiacov
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We offer C1 blades in two constructions CARBON and XTREME. Main difference between them is in stiffness. The Xtreme construction is tougher.


SWITCH  is based on the MM 2020 model with an updated volume size,
is designed for perfect water catch and can also work effectively for the new canoe paddling style that involves switching sides.

 The Switch is already used by: -Michal Martikan -Ben Savsek -Luka Bozic -Raffi Ivaldi -Ryan Westley

WIDE: Wider blade means power for each stroke. Ideal for strong paddlers.

MARTIKAN: Blade carries name of his creator and shares his greatness. True perfection. Great for smooth technical paddlers who wants to be in controle whole time.

MM 2020: Martikan model 2020

LADY/JUNIOR: This is stepping stone model into VAJDA PADDLES but also to WC Finals. This model was made for youth but over years took lots of light paddlers to World Cup finals. It can be your fisrt but also last model you will ever need to try.


Carbon is a super durable and stiff material great for keeping your paddle as light and responsive as possible.

This grip fits in your hand like a glove.

Thanks to the natural structure of wood you will have excellent grip while paddling.

Even after introducing carbon top grips, wood grip stays very popular.